BJJ Primer

Starting BJJ
Can Be Confusing!

In most schools they simply throw you into a class where you learn 3-5 techniques, then spar without ever sitting you down and explaining how Jiu-Jitsu works, the most important strategies to start with or give you an understanding of the big pictureWe tend to learn the underlying patterns and strategies through osmosis over months and years

There is a better way!

The BJJ Primer
 is a comprehensive beginners’ introduction to the basic theory behind Jiu-Jitsu, the key strategies for keeping safe and accelerating progress. You’ll learn:

The Fundamental Movements – Moves are made of movements – you’ll have the most important movements to get started
THE Core Strategy Behind BJJ – All of Jiu-Jitsu is based on this one strategy for overcoming a bigger, faster, stronger person. It instantly makes you ten times tougher because it gives you a plan.
How To Easily Escape From A TERRIBLE Position – All of the core strategy is about getting to one position that feels claustrophobic and kinda like drowning. You won’t believe how easy the escape feels.
The Positional Hierarchy – A literal map of positions to help you always know where you’re trying to go.
Submissions 101 – What are submissions and what do you need to get them?
Posture 101 – Maybe THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION of The Primer. Posture is the secret to surviving and escaping against more advanced people. We go over invulnerable postures from all (8) basic positions.
Beginner Game plans – The biggest complaint of most new BJJ students is not being sure what they’re supposed to be doing in each position. This section helps you understand exactly what to do everywhere – offensively and defensively. .
And more…

These are the concepts that no one teaches.
You’re just expected top pick up over time.

Really, I created the program I wish I had – for myself as much as for my students to prevent some of the frustration that can plague people at the beginning.

Even if you’re experienced, I think you’ll get somethings of value here. I’ve had black belts blown away by many of the details here.